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Channapatna Dog Temple

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India is a land of temples but have you ever heard of any temple which is dedicated to a dog? Or any place where a dog is considered as a deity?

Yes, a temple where a dog is worshipped! We know it is not an easy fact to digest but this is absolutely true. Let us take you to the town of Channapatna and tell you more about its Dog Temple. Curious to know more? Well, scroll down and learn everything about it.



Located at Channapatna in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka, Dog Temple has become a popular destination amongst locals and offbeat travellers over a period of time.

The temple was built in the year 2010 by a businessman named Ramesh, who is also known for building Kempamma Temple, dedicated to Goddess Kempamma, the main deity of the village. As per local legends, the temple is said to have been established after villagers were instructed by Goddess Kempamma to find two dogs, who had disappeared from the village long back so that her temple could be protected from evil.


Why to visit:

Apart from visiting this unusual temple dedicated to dogs, there is a lot more to do within the boundaries of Channapatna. Did you know that Channapatna is also known as the town of toys?

Yes, it is immensely popular for producing lacquerware and wooden toys. How about getting yourself to these colourful markets of toys and purchasing one? You can also visit other nearby attractions, which include Kanva Lake and Anjaneya Temple.


Best time to visit:

Even though the Dog Temple is a year-round destination and is visited by people from all over the state throughout the year, it is mostly frequented in between the months of September and March. During this period, the temperature conditions in the region are favorable, which in turn, help its visitors roam around and explore things comfortably.

Animals are commonly worshipped in Hinduism and the ancient religion bestows animals such as cows with divinity. Even there are Gods with whom you would find dogs. However, the temple in Channapatna, though different from the Vedic concepts, fascinates a traveler.


How to reach:

By Air: The nearest airport to Channapatna is located in Bangalore at a distance of about 100 km. Once you have reached Bangalore, you can either hire a direct bus or catch a direct cab to Channapatna. The temple is located at a distance of about 15 km from the centre of Channapatna in a small village named Agrahara Valagerahalli.

By Rail: Channapatna is well connected to Bangalore via rail, and hence you can get a direct train from Bangalore railway station to Channapatna Junction. It will take you an approximate time of 1 h to reach your destination.

By Road: Channapatna has good road connectivity and is easily accessible by road.







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