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Didihat- The Unseen Scenery of Uttrakhand

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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Tucked away in the eastern corner of Uttarakhand, Didihat is a wondrous and pristine hillock full of natural beauty. The place is known for its ruins of forts and temples belonging to an era gone by as well for being a halting point on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Situated at an altitude of 1800 meters in the Pithoragarh district of eastern Uttarakhand, Didihat is blessed with infinite natural beauty and some great viewpoints of the Mighty Himalayas.

The small hillock is a wonderful little town brimming with greenery, beautiful landscapes and a peaceful charm. Didihat also has some remnants of its glorious past in the ruins of the forts and temples belonging to the Doti and Chand Rulers who ruled the lands some centuries ago. Didihat lies on the famous pilgrimage route of Kailash Mansarovar and is known to provide some amazing views of mighty Himalayan peaks such as Panchachuli and Trishul Peaks. Being here one can totally escape the rigors and stress of normal life and rejuvenate one's soul and enthusiasm for life.


Best time to visit Didihat:

Being a hill station, Didihat maintains a pleasant environment throughout the year, and therefore, it would be right to say that it is a year-round destination. However, if you are looking forward to avoiding its summer heat, then the best time to visit it is from September until the end of March. This is the period when the beauty of Didihat is at its peak.


Top 3 places to visit in Didihat:

  1. Sirakot Temple

This temple is situated at a distance of 2km from Didihat. This famous temple is dedicated to lord Malaynath (Lord Shiva). It is believed that this ancient temple was built by the Raika Kings. Every year a fair is held at Sirakot temple during Shivratri and a large number of people can be seen.


2. Askot Sanctuary

This sanctuary is not only rich in varied flora and fauna but it also affords the charming vistas of nature's beauty.


3. Munsyari

Nestled in the Snow capped peaks of the Himalayas, Munsyari is situated 38 kms from Didihat at an altitude of 2298mts above sea level. It is the camp of the trekkers to the Milam, Ralam and Namik glaciers.



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