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Munnar - The Pride of Kerala

Kerala - the Indian coastal state, home to palm-lined beaches and backwaters, National parks like Eravikulam and Periyar, plus Wayanad and other sanctuaries and many other beautiful places and among the western ghats in the state - the town of Munnar.

When we talk about Munnar how can we forget it's scenarios of tea gardens , greenery , peaceful aura and sky.

Echo Point, 4Steps Voyage, Kerala, Munnar
Echo Point

Munnar is a city situated in south of Kerala, which is a must visit for all nature lovers out there. Munnar comprises of many beautiful tourist spots like echo point where you can actually hear your echo , as it gets trapped by the jungle trees located ahead. It is also a heavenly place where you and your friends can chill, shout, relax and enjoy the calmness. Luckily visiting echo point is free of cost to go to and have fun. Isn't it amazing? 😄

The second place to visit in Munnar, where you and your heart will find englightment are the tea gardens where one can walk around or go for a cycle ride and enjoy the tea gardens scenery sipping on hot tea.

If you and your travelling group have a question about how tea is made out of tea leaves, I highly suggest you guys to visit the ripple tea factory which takes the initiative to inform and educate the public about the procedure through which it happens. The ripple tea factory also has a shop near the factory, if you want to buy any type of tea or chocolate.

There are many other things too!

Also fun fact, Munnar was the first place in India where the British did tea planting procedures.

Then comes our third destination which is spice garden. In Kerala you will find plenty of spice gardens as a lot of different types of spices are grown there. Elaichi to cocoa to cofee to ashvagandha - every kind of plant is grown there. If you or your family wish to get some good information on these different kinds of plants, it as a must go place for you, the Britishers too called Kerala 'land of spices’

In all it is a great place to visit. Also restuarants and hotels in munnar have good views with reasonable prices to make your stay comfortable and affordable.

Hope u enjoy the blog!!!

Travel experience by Akshita Shah

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