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Paragliding in Oludeniz, Turkey

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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Oludeniz, Turkey is one of the best locations to spend your holiday, enjoy warm weather, swim at beautiful beaches, admire nature and experience flying above 1800 meters via paragliding.

If you are considering a vacation in Turkey, you will probably consider staying in or stopping by Fethiye, which is a popular location for summer holidays. Oludeniz is a small town in Fethiye around 25 min drive far (16 kilometres) from Fethiye center and has amazing beaches.

When you go there, in day time you will see lots of paragliding wings flying above Oludeniz because it is one of the most popular and known paragliding spots around the world.


Why is paragliding so popular in Oludeniz?

Because of the best weather conditions throughout the year for paragliding flights, awesome landscape and just on the spot mountain near the beach, Oludeniz is a very famous place for paragliders. It is the most beautiful take-off worldwide with its breathtaking view, stable weather conditions and the amazing nature of Ölüdeniz.

With new facilities and improvements (well built road up to top, restaurant & bar on take-off, toilets, sky lifts..etc) on the mountain, most of the visitors do not miss this amazing experience and book a paragliding flight.


Prices depend from company to company which directly affect your experience and safety. If it is too cheap compared to others, we can say you must stay away from those ones. The average price is around 85–100 Euros per person and video & photo footage are optional which are around 30–35 Euros. We recommend adding a video+photo option to your flight. You can see on social media that some great photos and videos are taken by professional pilots. Some of them are also instagram influencers well known by GoPro..etc. If you are an influencer, you should definitely add a video+photo option to your flight. Most of the companies do not allow you to fly with passengers’ own monopod+camera because of safety reasons.

Other details-

There are officially 5 paragliding flight sorties throughout the day and departures times from Oludeniz to the mountaintop (Take-off are), are generally 09.00 , 11: 00 , 13: 30 , 15: 30 and 17: 30. It is suggested that you book at least 1–2 days before the flight. If you are staying in Fethiye, most of the companies have pick-up & drop back service included in the price.

After booking online and getting a confirmation, the responsible person will contact you and schedule the activity time with you. On flight day, you go to the meeting point on the beach with other passengers and pilots, 15 min before the departure time is enough but don’t be late.

After meeting, all the passengers and pilots move to the take-off by mini buses (25–30 min). Enjoy the road because you will ride through the forest to the top. On take-off site, take off preparations & passenger briefings are made if the weather conditions are good.

Flight time takes around 20–30 minutes depending on the time of day (noon flights last longer), weather conditions and acrobatic maneuvers made by your choices. Acrobatic maneuvers are adrenaline rush and fun.

Landing is the easiest part, you will glide to the landing zone with a big smile on your face. All the moments of the flight are recorded and immortalized by your pilot, you just have fun and smile at the camera.

The whole activity takes around 1.5- 2 hours but sometimes you should wait for good wind conditions on the take-offs. So we suggest you to spare half-day or 3–4 hours at least and make your day plan accordingly.



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