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The Most Haunted Places of the World

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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Well, the last time we told you about India's top 5 most haunted places. Now, it's time for you to get to know about the top 10 haunted places of the world. But beware, you won’t be able to sleep tonight after reading this post. ;) Let's dive right into it!


1) Bhangarh Fort,

Located simply one hundred miles southwest of Delhi, the plush ruins of Bhangarh Fort work a curious juxtaposition against the desert landscape of Rajasthan. To the present day, the oasis remains unpopulated thanks to the alleged curse given by a discontented necromancer once his advances were rebuffed by the princess. If you favor your journeys to skew additional non secular than haunted, Traveler's former editor-at-large Hanya Yanagihara suggests saluting the sun throughout a session of pre-dusk yoga at the positioning.


2) Lizzie Borden House

This allegedly haunted bed and breakfast is that the sight of a grotesque and highly-publicized murder that occurred in 1892. though she was clean-handed, Lizzie Borden was suspected of killing her father and stepparent with a hatchet within the modest home. Since then, guests have rumored all manner of strange sightings within the house.


3) The Stanley building, Estes Park, Colorado

This known chain destination is understood jointly of the inspirations for writer King’s “The Shining,” however it additionally has its own spooky past. Allegedly, workers have encountered ghosts throughout their time there, like a maid from space 217 United Nations agency is understood to pack away guests’ wear after they aren’t wanting.


4 ) Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Once called the Weston State Hospital, this asylum was home to thousands of individuals with mental state, beginning in 1864. Many individuals died here before the power enclosed 1994. The spirits that are aforementioned to haunt the positioning nowadays go back to the warfare era, once the asylum's grounds served as a military installation. Paranormal tours of the power feature 2-hour visits to the asylum's four main hot spots. The a lot of intense Ghost Hunt is Associate in Nursing 8-hour, nightlong paranormal journey with practiced ghost-hunting guides.


5) Fort Mifflin

Built in 1771, Fort Mifflin is that the country's solely Revolutionary War field of honor that's still intact. There are fourteen reconditioned buildings on the grounds on the river and reportedly lots of spirits from the past. Among the ghosts same to haunt the fort may be a screaming lady whose cries are thus loud that the metropolis police are known as to

research, solely to search out nobody there. different characters within the native ghost stories embody a faceless man wandering round the fort, a guide wearing revolutionary garb and diverse youngsters and dogs.


6) The Sultan’s Palace

The house at 716 Dauphine St may be a classic French Quarter beauty with classic wrought-iron balconies and an outsized yard. however within the 1800s, this residence was a house of horrors for the grand Turk, a rich man with a depraved manner, multiple wives and youngsters, and a hareem of ladies and young boys command against their can. Neighbors complained regarding the mysterious habits of this man UN agency had a predilection for partying, controlled substance and torture. however the best mystery within the house was the Sultan's death, once he was buried alive within the yard once his family associate degreed hareem were hacked to items in a very mass murder by an unknown offender. Today, his angry spirit is assumed to be accountable for the bizarre noises, loud music and robust incense smells that waft from the house, further as unwelcome advances on past feminine residents UN agency swear the grand Turk continues to be up to his recent tricks of uncertain feminine guests.


7) Calcasieu Courthouse

Toni Jo Henry has been the talk of the small town of Lake Charles since the 1940s, when she killed a man in cold blood. Just as notorious were her stunning good looks. The former prostitute charmed a gentleman in a pickup truck to give her a ride while she was walking the highway with a friend en route to spring her true love from a Texas prison. It took 3 trials for a jury to convict the wily Toni Jo, who had charmed the courtroom and jail staff and divided the town over her presumed guilt. In 1942, this murderous beauty known as Tiger Girl was the first woman in the state to die in the electric chair. Her spirit lingers in the courthouse today, and workers there swear they feel her presence, hear her screams and even smell her burning hair. Many believe that she tinkers with office equipment, locks doors and meddles with everyday office life at the courthouse.


8) Driskill building, Austin, Texas

Many big-name celebrities have stayed at this recent building since 1886, therefore there’s certain to be a ghost haunting the hallways. a number of the foremost notable tales encompassing the property embody the stories of 2 “suicide brides,” honeymooning girls United Nations agency took their own lives within the same space twenty years apart.


9) The Catacombs, Paris, France

The Paris Catacombs is actually one among the spookiest places within the world, with the remains of over six million folks placed within the underground tunnels. you'll be able to still tour a number of the tunnels nowadays.


10) Myrtles Plantation, USA

Rumoured to be engineered on the location of AN ancient Indian graveyard, the Myrtles Plantation has been dubbed ‘one of America’s most haunted homes’. Legend has it that ten murders have occurred within the house. The ghost of a former slave in a very inexperienced turban has been quick-sighted, additionally as a haunted mirror that purportedly holds the ghosts of Sara Woodruff and her youngsters UN agency antecedently lived within the house. Equally as spooky is that the apparition of William Winter, UN agency was reportedly shot on the porch. His ghost, moving in agony from the gunfire wound, has been quick-sighted travel up the steps and disappearing into void at the seventeenth step…spooky enough?!


Also, please forgive us for the unavailability of pictures. Not many people have ventured in these haunted places ;).


Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Fort Mifflin, The Sultan’s Palace, Calcasieu Courthouse:

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