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Top Places to Visit in Pompeii

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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Hi! Last time we told you about the ancient city of Pompeii, now let us tell you about the top 3 places to visit in Pompeii.


1. Antiquarium

One of the best places to visit while in Pompeii is the museum. You'll not only find helpful interpretive displays, but you'll see many of the artifacts found during the excavations that were either too fragile or too prone to weathering to be left in place. Some of these date to long before the Roman era. Here, you'll see the implements of everyday life - rows of amphora and other vessels, furnishings, and small household and commercial items.

Along with these are the plaster casts made from almost perfect molds left in the solidified ash by the bodies of those caught in the sudden destruction. As these spaces were found by excavators, they were carefully filled with plaster, forming images of the victims as they tried to escape.

2. Theaters

Built into the sloping ground, the Teatro Grande (Large Theater) could seat 5,000 spectators and is used for Son et lumière shows in summer. The top row commands one of the best views of the city and Mount Vesuvius.

The theater illustrates the class divisions of that time, with the wider more gently sloped tiers for the upper classes, who were also separated from the masses in the steeper, narrower levels above by a low wall.

The Large Theatre was one of the first stone theaters built by the Romans, and Pompeii had these two stone theaters before the first ones were built in the city of Rome.

3. Temple Of Isis

East of the Little Theater is the Tempio di Iside - Temple of Isis, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess whose cult was very popular in the Roman Empire. Although the temple was constructed in the second century BC.E, it was destroyed in the earthquake of AD 62 and completely rebuilt. The temple stands on a raised base at the center of a courtyard surrounded by porticoes. You can still see an inscription scratched on its walls by the French novelist Stendhal in 1817.



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