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Traveling for the First Time

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

All those reading our posts must be travel freaks, right? If not, then you must be turning into one, and planning to take a trip to a few places. Then, if we are right then you must be traveling for the first time. So as the title of our new post says, you’ll be getting to know everything that you can do while travelling for the first time. Let’s get this bread!!


1. Don’t just book the holiday you think you should be going on

You are never too old or too young to visit a new city, go backpacking or venture out alone. Your age doesn’t matter. It is never as challenging as you think it will be – do what you want to do

2. Make sure you dive into the local culture and try not to just keep to the well beaten tourist tracks.

A great way to soak up the local atmosphere is to head to a restaurant away from the main drag, hot spots and ask the waiter to recommend their most popular dishes. Almost a third (29%) of first time travellers revealed that trying the local food was one of their favourite tips to give to friends / family.

3. Check if you require a VISA well ahead of departing.

Some VISAs require more effort and money than others so make sure to check the relevant Government website. Same applies for passports. Check your passport’s expiration date before you travel – certain countries require at least 6 months validity in order to enter. 24% of travellers would even recommend carrying your passport with you for the entire trip (according to

4. Take pictures of your passports, VISAs and travel insurance and email them to yourself, in case you lose them.

5. Always stash away THB 10,000 or a spare debit or credit card

in case you lose your wallet. Hide it away in a money belt, pocket in your bag or share it around if you’re travelling in a group. Over one in ten (13%) travellers cited a secret stash of cash as one of the most important tips for those planning their first trip (according to

6. If you don’t speak the local language, a helpful trick is to download Google Translate to your mobile phone.

It will take away the pain of wild gestures and raised voices. You might also want to consider learning a few key phrases before you head out, especially words to help navigate travel, bookings and menus.

7. Check the luggage allowance before you fly

and, if necessary, pack heavier items (like chargers) in your hand luggage. If you’re heading somewhere hot, it’s worth packing a light sarong. It can be used for anything from a pillow on a long bus journey, something to cover your shoulders with when visiting a religious site, to blankets in the evening and a towel at the beach

8. If travelling with friends or family, share some of your clothes out amongst your bags. That way if a bag is lost, you’ll still have some items to wear.

9. If you’re travelling on your own, don’t be afraid to start up conversations with a stranger.

Stay at a bigger hostel, guest house or bed & breakfast if you want to meet up with other people with similar interests and make sure you head out to the communal areas. It might feel daunting at first, but travelling for the first time is all about exhilaration and pushing your boundaries.

10. Trust your gut, be open minded and don’t expect to experience anything in particular. Magic happens OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

If you’re heading somewhere for the first time, you’ll never really know what’s in store but go with the flow and enjoy. When asked about the tips travellers wish they had been given themselves, 40% wish they’d been told to just relax and enjoy every single minute.

11. Look up!

At the sights, the architecture, the sky and perhaps most importantly, at the signs in the airport.

12. Don’t just tell your Facebook friends that you’re about to jet off remember to let your bank and mobile provider you’re heading abroad and family too

to avoid any card cancellations or surprise bills and for safety purposes. According to research 20% of holiday makers cited checking in with their bank and mobile provider as one of the most important tips to hand out ahead of a trip abroad.

Always remember, “Once you’ve travelled for the first time, all you want to do is pack your bags and travel again!


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