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Top 6 places to visit in Da Nang

Hello everyone! Below is a list of the top six places to visit in Da Nang put together carefully by a travel lover who has explored most parts of the world with zeal and enthusiasm.

6. Marble mountains

Marble Mountains consist of 5 different mountains each made of marble and limestone. These mountains have many different cultural pagodas and humongous caves as all of them are allocated to different gods. From the peak of the mountain, you can also enjoy breathtaking vistas. All around the mountain, there are many different shops where you can buy different smooth marble statues. These mountains are open 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM daily.

5. Lady buddha

The Lady Buddha is actually surrounded by many grand statues including the sleeping buddha, laughing buddha, etc. The lady buddha is 67 meters tall which makes it the tallest buddha in Vietnam! There are many artistic pagodas to show you the culture of Da Nang. Another thing you can enjoy is the beautiful sights! There are also many charming Bonsais all around the statues! The lady buddha is open 24 hours! When you are searching for the lady buddha please use the name: Chùa Linh Ứng.

4. Dragon Bridge

Dragon bridge is a bridge (hence the name) that crosses the Han river. The bridge is 666 meters long. This Dragon can even spit fire and water just like the ones we see in movies! This show is on every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM. If your trip to Da Nang does not include a Saturday or Sunday, the Dragon bridge is still worth the trip, the recommended time is when it’s dark, and the dragon bridge is open to visitors 24/7!

3. Sun World (heaven on earth)

Sun world is a colossal theme park located on top of the Bana hills. With many amusing rides and arcade games. Sun World is also known as heaven on earth, because of the ravishing vistas and the European look all around the theme park. Sun world has many viewing spots all around the park, another way you can enjoy the vistas is the toboggan ride, on the toboggan you adjust the speed to your liking! Sun world has many eating spots and cafes all around the park! Sun World’s peak season is from April to August. The opening timing for Sun World is 7:00 to 22:00.

2. Bana hills (cable car)

Bana hills cable car is a cable car, that takes you up to the Bana hills. The cable car also has a name in the guineas book of records for the longest non-stop single-track cable car which extends to 5,801 meters in length! In the cable car, you can relish some dazzling vistas such as colossal waterfalls, tall trees, and a great cityscape. By using the cable car you can reduce the time to get to Bana hills, reduce air pollution and boost visitor's safety! The cable car tickets for adults are 750,000 VND (33 American dollars), for children 1m -1.4 m is 600,000 VND (23 American dollars) and below 1-meter children are free Bana hills is open from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM.

1. The golden bridge

The golden bridge is a part of the Bana hills. This bridge is held up by two stone hands coming out of a hill. The golden bridge is 1.4 kilometers above sea level and is 150 meters long! It feels like walking mid-air or on top of a cloud! You can also enjoy some extraordinary views of the charming Da Nang city and also set sight towards the stunning Da Nang mountain range. The opening timings of the golden bridge are 7:00 AM - 10: PM but the last cable car departs at 8:00 PM.


By Parth Saran

Keep tuned for other travel stories and blogs!

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